Google's New Enhanced Campaigns 2/2013

Google is launching their new Enhanced Campaigns which is an upgrade to AdWords and enables advertisers to manage ad campaigns for all types of devices.

People are beginning to use "multi-devices" to shop, find restaurants, watch movies, listen to music, and communicate. They may use one type of device to watch a movie and another for business, or their phone to find a restaurant and talk to friends and family. Coming up with an effective marketing strategy has become quite complicated and time consuming in this multi-device (multi-purpose) world.

Advertisers are beginning to understand that marketing to specific target audiences in specific situations, during a certain time of day, for example, is more effective that just coming up with one ad for everyone. A delicatessen probably wants to advertise to businesses within a certain radius of the restaurant, at a certain time of day (lunchtime), and have the ad go out to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. On weekends, the deli may want to run a different ad going out to desktops and laptops for those needing catering for a big celebration.

With enhanced campaigns, businesses can manage all their ads from one place to go out to numerous devices and target audiences. The enhanced campaigns allows businesses to reach the right people with the right ads at the right time and across all devices, without having to set up and manage separate campaigns.

The key features include marketing tools for a multi-device world, smarter ads geared towards varying users and situations and advanced reports to measure conversions.

The upgrade to enhanced campaigns should be complete by the middle of 2013. Advertisers will be able to start using enhanced campaigns within the next few weeks. This allows businesses to transition smoothly, test their campaigns and feel comfortable with the enhanced campaigns well before the upgrade.

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