BING Shopping now requires TAX and SHIPPING info to process feeds

Microsoft and BING updated their dashboard recently and added some account configuration requirements. Before continuing to process your data feed, BING is requesting that folks configure the TAX and SHIPPING settings in their Microsoft AdCenter accounts. Please note Yahoo does not export either Tax or Shipping information so that data is rarely available for use directly in a product data feed.

To configure your Microsoft AdCenter account, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your Microsoft AdCenter account and select your store from the dropdown menu.
2. Select TOOLS from the top navigation menu.
3. Select "Bing Shopping Account Management" from the link choices.
4. Select the TAX and SHIPPING tabs on the top submenus and configure your settings accordingly.

BING recently posted and said merchants may select the "not configured" option on the SHIPPING tab. This is great news since most stores have complex calculations for shipping which are beyond the few choices available in the account.

** If you have an OLD BING Shopping account and have not yet opened a Microsoft AdCenter account, BING now requires your data be managed through Microsoft AdCenter. Let us know if this is the case and we'll help you set up your account at Microsoft AdCenter and connect your BING Shopping account to it.