Google's Tax and Shipping Requirements 5/25/2012

Google has new requirements for Tax and Shipping. These requirements are STRICTLY ENFORCED.

The following information will assist you in choosing your preferences for the TAXING and SHIPPING of your Yahoo store products. You will need to select these settings in your Google Merchant Account.

Below are four easy steps to manage this:

1. Sign into your Google merchant account at
2. On the left navigation area of the page, click on Settings.
3. Click on Tax and shipping - there are several settings you can choose from.
4. Choose the settings you prefer that apply for both (you will see a couple of options).

Shipping Information

Since Yahoo does not export this information, you must set it in your Google Merchant Account on the Account Level. Select Shipping Region.

On this screen, create a Shipping method by populating the fields and then click Save.

Tax Information

Tax information is set in your Google Merchant Account on the Account Level.
You have 3 choices which can be viewed below. Any of the choices are acceptable, but it is important that you choose one even if you are not charging taxes. Click Save.
You can review your Tax and Shipping Summary:


Tax Settings

Select Shipping

Create Method