Google replacing 'Adwords_publish' with 'Excluded_destination' - 01/31/2013

Google announced they will be discontinuing use of the 'adwords_publish' attribute.

Google plans to retire the 'adwords_publish' attribute and replace it with an attribute called 'excluded_destination' in Spring 2013. Google claims to be making this change to streamline their feed specification and to provide advertisers with a more effective way to control how their ads are served.

In our review of the change, it looks like the value most often used with this attribute will be "shopping". Using the excluded_destination attribute and populating with "shopping" will exclude the product from Product Ads on and on

Replace the 'adwords_publish' attribute with the 'excluded_destination' attribute and include the value 'shopping'. This will exclude the product from appearing in Product Ads on both and

To learn more about the 'excluded_destination' attribute, please visit:

Your Store Wizards can help if you have questions about adding the property called "excluded_destination" to your Yahoo store Catalog Manager.