Google's Unique Product Identifier Policy 7/2013

Google announced on May 8th, 2013 that they are changing the way they enforce their unique identifier requirements.

Starting July 15th, Google will verify that all items submitted to Google Shopping include unique product identifiers (brand & Manufacturer-part-number) or (brand and GTIN (GTIN is either the UPC code or the ISBN number for books)). If none of the identifier information exists for an item, then Google requires a value of FALSE in their new "identifier-exists" property in the data feed. To help avoid problems, make sure all of the items submitted to Google Shopping have a unique product identifier. (Brand and either MPN or UPC/ISBN). If absent, populate the attribute ???Identifier-exists??? with exactly ???False???. After this date, non-compliant items will be disapproved and Google will delist them from Google Shopping. The new attribute ???Identifier Exists??? is used only for items that do not have unique product identifiers such as custom or hand-made items. We set a default value of TRUE for standard merchandise.

It is important to note that if an identifier does exist for a product but you do not have it, you must obtain and add the correct identifier for that product rather than using the ???identifier exists??? attribute. Setting the ???identifier exists??? attribute to FALSE for items where unique product identifiers exist could lead to item or account suspension.

Although there have been account level exemptions in the past, they will not be supported after July 15th. The ???Identifier Exists??? attribute should be used in these cases.

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