offers discounted cpc rates 5/5/2011

Unlike many pay-per-click engines, has implemented an updated rate card on which they display the MAXIMUM click rate a merchant will be charged. Using's free ROI tracking tool, can track when a click is productive and eventually assign a "publisher quality score". The result is a discounted click price for merchants based on how well items convert. Items with poor conversion stats are given lower click costs and items with better conversion approach the full published click cost.

Before's value based pricing model, merchants would pay the same per click regardless of performance. Merchants must, however, utilize's ROI tracker to get the best results from their value based pricing model.

Merchants need not take any special action to take advantage of the pricing change UNLESS you use your bids to improve product placement within's results. In this case, says to re-adjust your bids in your Merchant Account Center after May 16th, 2011.

Happy Selling!