BING and the Facebook Like button bringing the "Friend Effect" to search 5/17/2011

Researchers know 90% of people ask for advice from friends and family when making decisions. People trust the advise of their inner circle and this results in a feeling of confidence.

Bing is bringing the combined wisdom of the web together with the opinions of the people who shoppers trust the most to bring the "Friend Effect" to their search. Bing now serves up personalized search results based on the the opinions of Facebook friends using new features which make it easier for Bing to see what Facebook friends "like" across the web.

For merchants, this makes incorporating the "like" buttons even more important and valuable.

When shoppers readily see what their friends like and are sharing, they engage both the intellectual and emotional elements of their decision making process. The search engine can then tap into the collective intellect of friends and as well as the larger "brain trust" of the entire web. When merchants make the Facebook Like button available on their ecommerce websites, merchants allow search engines to go beyond just math and algorithms to inject opinions and trends into the mix.

Bringing the opinions of friends into the search experience can be like giving a shopper the opportunity to have a "conversation" with their friend network. Bing and Facebook are betting on the ability to combine the logic of search with the recommendations and opinions of social networks and the masses. In other words, extending a search beyond just fact-based decision making to decisions that are made with the power of people AND search.

Help your shoppers and get your store in the social search arena by adding a Facebook Like button to your store.

The Wizards are interested in seeing how social networking evolves into social search.