BING SHOPPING - Setting Up Your Microsoft adCenter Account For Yahoo! Data Feeds 5/29/2012

For Bing Shopping, please set up your BING account on their adCenter system and then send us your Bing adCenter log in information (username and password). Once you set up your account, we can go in and set the FTP settings and connect your data feed to it.

1. Sign up for your BING account at::

2. Click on the Tools tab at the top.

3. Click on Bing Shopping Account Management link under Management Tools section. You will see the Store Settings tab there, along with the other tabs of Catalog Management, FTP Settings, and Categories. You will need to upload a logo on the settings page (this is mandatory by Bing or they will ignore your data feeds). You???ll also need to list a store description in the box and check off any boxes that apply under Shopping Special Features. Click Finish.

4. Log in to the Feed Wizards Dashboard and click on My Stores. Choose the link for the store.

5. Click Add Service at the bottom of the page and edit the settings for FTP. The FTP and file name will automatically be transferred to us to set up the feed.

6. Set your tax and shipping settings in the account:

Before continuing to process your data feed, BING is requesting that folks configure the Tax and Shipping settings in their Microsoft adCenter accounts. Please note Yahoo does not export either Tax or Shipping information so that data is rarely available for use directly in a product data feed.

To configure these, select the Tax and Shipping tabs and configure your settings accordingly.

BING recently declared that merchants may select the Not Configured option on the Shipping tab. This is great news since most stores have complex calculations for shipping which are beyond the few choices available in the account.

Send us your Bing adCenter log in and we???ll make sure the account is set to receive our data feeds.

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