Setting Up Your Data Feed 2/15/2013

Set up Bing Ads Account?
If you have multiple stores, you can manage them all from within one Bing Ads account.

  1. Sign up for Bing Shopping at Bing Ads. The steps to register for a merchant account on Bing Ads may change from time to time. Go to: Bing Merchant Integration. Click on the Merchant Integration Guide and download this useful information.
  2. Bing Shopping Merchant Portal is a sub-account of Microsoft Bing Ads
  3. You will be required to enter a credit card, but you will not be charged anything unless you set up pay-per-click ad campaigns.
  4. Log in to Bing Ads
  5. If you have multiple stores, create a sub-account for each one from Accounts & Billing > Account List > Create Account.
  6. Click Tools> Bing Shopping Account Management
  7. Either create a new account or migrate your existing account by entering your Store Settings or Bing Shopping login, respectively.
  8. On the Catalog Management tab, make sure the following settings are selected.
      • Feed Format: Bing Shopping / Cashback
        How to Provide Feed Files: Merchant upload
        Feed file name: bingshopping
  9. Click Save.
  10. On the FTP Settings tab, enter an FTP login and password and click Save.
      • • You must define your own FTP login/password. We suggest you use your store name as the login.
        • The password must contain at least one number and one symbol, e.g. password1$
        • Make a note of login/password because you will need to enter them in the feed settings on our site.
        The FTP login will not work for 2-3 business days until Bing approves your account.

How to Set Up Your Feed in the Feed Wizards Dashboard

  1. Set up your Microsoft adCenter Account for Bing feed.
  2. Log in to the Feed Wizards Dashboard.
  3. Click on Stores then choose the store you are adding the feed to.
  4. Click Add Service at the bottom of the page.
  5. Click Add Service to Bing Shopping, which will be listed.
  6. Under ???Service Required, add Bing category.
  7. Enter FTP username: from your Bing Ads Account.
  8. Enter FTP password:?? from your Bing Ads Account
  9. FTP Filename: for Bing will always be bingshopping.txt.
  10. Add your Bing Ads service Log In and Password information.
  11. Click Add Service at the bottom of the page.