New Bing Product Search 8/26/2013

Over the next few months, Bing will be rolling out a new and improved product search experience. Merchants will be able to display more information about their products in the search results, enabling shoppers to quickly and easily find just what they are searching for.

If you have a Bing data feed, you can sign up for ′Rich Captions′. This is a new free service that allows merchants to provide information about their products directly on the Bing search result pages. To participate, you will go to your store in the Bing Merchant Center and check the ′Rich Captions′ checkbox to activate the service.

For those who have paid advertising, there is ′Product Ads′. This paid service allows advertisers to include product details such as image, price and description in their ads. This key information helps shoppers make informed decisions before clicking on the ads, which improves the conversions and decreases bounce rates. Product Ads is not yet open to all advertisers and is expected to roll out in the coming year.

Bing says merchants do not need to make formatting changes to their product data feeds at this time. Bing also says participation in the Rich Captions program requires merchants to submit a product data feed. If you don't have a data feed through our very popular Feed Wizards data feed service, this is just one more great reason to start.