Bing Shopping Feed 6/11/2012 has been consistently attracting more qualified shoppers to online stores. Bing???s comparison shopping channel drives traffic to your site at no cost to you. Since 2011, the new landing page for Bing Shopping combines a variety of content to help lessen search time and improve the shopping experience. Bing continues to provide users with tools to make more informed decisions.

Many users claim they achieve more success with their searches. More users are clicking on search result and visiting websites, and the number of users continues to rise.

They have made several changes in order to simplify the product searching procedure, including:

1. Shopping filters showing results according to criteria similar to and style, category and product brand. Another filter option that lets users call up products whose costs have been cut as well as an additional filter option that results in products only from an unambiguous store.

2. Quick drop-down lists beneath the search box as people type in questions.

3. Results showing lists of what people are looking for most, current trends, gift ideas and articles for trending topics. Users can connect with their Facebook accounts to see friends' birthdays, so they can shop for gifts.

4. Shopping lists where you can add products to a comparison page to do a side by side comparison of products.

Data from Experian Hitwise shows that Bing has secured 10.23% of the search market as of May, 2012, and ranks 2nd in the Top Five Search Engines. Bing powers Yahoo Search as well, which owns 10.09% of the search market. Yahoo Search ranks at number 3.

As Bing continues to improve the shopping experience for users at no cost to the merchant, the number of Bing shoppers will continue to rise, as will online purchasing. The Feed Wizards highly recommends that Yahoo! Store owners set up a Bing Shopping Feed. Please see the information in the Article section of the Feed Wizards Dashboard: Contact us for more information.