Improve SEO with a Blog 10/15/13

Blogs are a big deal these days.?? They play an important role in social networking and can be a powerful marketing tool for online merchants.
Your blog can be successful if you follow a few suggestions:????

  1. Make a detailed plan for your blog, refer to it and use it. Plans keep you on track and achieve your goal.??
  2. Put in the time to deliver high quality content to your readers.?? Install Google Analytics and research what your readers are interested in.??
  3. Your blog should provide fresh information about particular subjects that motivate people to come back to read.
  4. Blog with SEO in mind.?? SEO or ???Search Engine Optimization??? includes the quality of your blog posts, your social networking, unique visitors and the keywords that you focus on throughout your blog.
  5. Get your point across quickly.?? Readers don???t have a lot of time to read posts.?? Don???t lose your readers with long, drawn-out posts.
  6. Be quotable.?? This is a really effective way to attract new readers. ??Pick out the best quotes from your posts and share them across social media.
  7. Grab their attention with new ideas; don???t repeat what everyone else is saying.
  8. Speak with authority and confidence.?? Be a source of knowledge and expertise; do your research and keeping up with new trends / news.
  9. Give away free, valuable information.?? Remember, word of mouth is the best type of press.
  10. Find and connect with your core group of followers and encourage them to share your best posts with others.