How to Code Multiple UPC/MPN Without Having to Remove Data From The Options Field - Tips 6/15/2012

Some products have a unique UPC or Manufacturer-part-number (MPN) for each option or option combination.

There are a few steps merchants can take to make this data available for export from your Yahoo store.
Valid UPC and or MPN data is very helpful and even sometimes essential for success with product listings on the various comparison shopping engines.

There are three ways you can code your products without having to remove them from your Options field.

1. If you only have one option set per item that never requires a choice of color and/or size (never have to
pick a color and a size as different drop downs) you can load the UPC field with each UPC code per item by
simply using a comma delimitated list of UPC numbers in the order of the options.

Below is an example:


The benefit of this is you don???t have to load the option values to match text, just the UPC codes in the
corresponding order to your items.

2. If you don't want to have to remove options and still only have one option set (size for example), then
you load it with the option value and UPC like:


So it's option value then a colon then UPC, then a comma, then the next, etc. This way if you remove
any options you don't have to change the UPC field since we only build off the Options field, and will ignore any extra data. You do need the value to match the value in the option text EXACTLY. Now if you do have commas in your option text we'd change it to use | instead of commas between options.

3. The final choice is a bit more complex and needs a customer picks a size, and then pick a color in a separate option. It will need to include the option name, value and UPC it will look like this:


Once again if you have commas in your data we can change the delimiter to |. This allows you to support
unlimited option names, values and get the UPCs for each permutation.