How Do I Setup A Google Feed?

1. In your Google Merchant Center start by clicking the link 'Data Feeds' in the left navigation.

2. If you do not have a data feed setup already, click the button 'New Data Feed'.

3. Name the data feed anything you like (I would recommend your store name) followed by '.zip' just after the store name. It is required that your feed have this suffix on it, otherwise Google will not recognize it.

4. Back in the left navigation click 'Settings' to expand your options, and click on the link 'FTP'.

5. Here you create your FTP user name and password. I would recommend making the user name your store name, and the password your store name with a number on the end of it.

6. When you are done, click 'Save Changes'.

7. Be sure to publish your site at your earliest convenience. Changes you publish prior to about 5pm pacific will be picked up overnight. Published changes made after that time will be picked up the following evening.

8. Please send us the FTP user & password, as well as the file name so we can be sure the information is matching on both ends.