How Do I Verify My URL With Google?

1. Log in with your Google Base user/password into your Google Merchant Center here:

2. Under 'Settings' click on the 'General' link.

3. Click 'Validate URL', and choose the option for placing a meta tag on the home page of your store.

4. Copy the meta tag that is provided below when you select this option, and access your store editor.

5. In the template that your HOME PAGE is using, create a TEXT operator, and paste it WITHIN the HEAD operator.

6. Edit the TEXT statement and name it '@ysw-google-verify' (without the quotes).

7. On the variables page create a variable 'ysw-google-verify' (type: big-text - without the quotes), and paste the meta tag you copied from your Google Merchant account in this variable.

8. Publish your store at your earliest convenience, and once it is done publishing log back into your Google Merchant Center click 'Verify URL', and then click 'Claim URL' after it gives you the option to click this link, and your URL has been verified by Google.