How Do I Verify My Store With TheFind?

1. Log into your TheFind Merchant Center.

2. Under 'My Stores' all the way to the right you will see 'Join UpFront' listed under 'Next Action'.

3. Click the link 'Join UpFront'.

4. Select the option to 'Join as an UpFront' member, rather than just a 'Standard' member.

5. On the Joining UpFront page, select either a button or text link that you want to appear on your homepage.

6. Once you have selected which button/link you would like click the link 'Submit' at the bottom.

7. A small window of code should pop up. Copy this code to your clipboard, click 'Validate Later' and log into your Yahoo! store


8. Once you have found the location you would like your button/link to appear, create a TEXT operator, and edit the TEXT operator

and input '@ysw-thefind-verify' (without the quotes).

9. On the variables page create a variable 'ysw-thefind-verify' (type: big-text & without the quotes), and paste the code you

copied from your TheFind account.

10. Publish your site at your earliest convenience. Once you have done so log into your TheFind account, and click validate code,

and your store will be verified by TheFind.