Load Speed Optimizer

Most of us use the internet. We browse around fore a variety of reasons. Some of us do research on the internet, some of us use the internet to read the news, some use it to check our financial status, and MANY of us use the internet to shop! Although it is a proven fact that page load speed time is important to keep us interested in what we are doing, most of us know this from experience.

This is very true for shoppers. When consumers visit an online store, they become less interested if the pages are loading slowly, and they may even leave the site in favor of another one.

Research shows that page load speed is important. Page load time directly impacts conversion rates. File compression allows for more efficient data delivery. Revenue and SEO is improved. Faster sites will rank better.

Your Store Wizards have a Page Load Speed Optimizer feature that can compress your files and speed up the page loading time. Your Store Wizards also have a guarantee!

GUARANTEE: There is no long term commitment and if we are unable to improve your item page load speeds by 5 points on Google page speed scores or less than 5% on your item page load time, we will refund your installation cost. Most stores gain 10-15 points on Google page speed and from 5-20% increase on most page load times.

To learn more about this feature please visit: http://www.yourstorewizards.com/load-speed-optimizer.html