Multi Add to Cart Feature

The Multi Add to Cart feature enables your shoppers to place a selection of items in their shopping cart with one simple button click. ??The benefits of this feature are increased order size, quicker and more productive shopping, and up-selling items that are a part of a set.
Applying this feature on your section pages or your item pages will make shopping easier and faster. Your customers select the quantity and options and will be able to add all of their items to the shopping cart with a single click!
Here's how to get started:

  1. You submit a mockup of how you want your multi-add page to look.
  2. Your Store Wizards will review the design for functional issues.
  3. Once a final "look" is selected, we'll implement it into your store editor.
  4. Price includes (2) post-install revisions to be made within 30 days of installation.
  5. Additional revisions beyond (2) can be made for a nominal added charge.

Yahoo! store owners will benefit from this feature because it adds to increased product sales. ??Shoppers will buy sets of items (like bathroom items ??? shower curtains with matching waste basket, soap dish, tissue holder, bath mats, etc.).?? Another example would be items that have accessories, such as cameras, which will absolutely need lenses, filters and tripods.
Your Store Wizards highly recommends the Multi Add Cart Feature.?? This is exactly the right time to do it ??? the holidays are just around the corner, and online shopping has definitely become a growing trend.?? Contact us for any questions ??? we are always here to help!