How do I track activity/feeds using Google Analytics? 8/4/2010

Tracking your feed and activity through Google Analytics is a very quick and simple process. It boils down to editing your feed settings and adding a tracking suffix, and then pushing a new feed. Here's the step by step information:

1. Login to your Feed Wizards Dashboard account, and click on My Stores.

2. Click on your store name.

3. Click on the Edit Settings button next to the feed you want to track.

4. Click the Edit button on the Service Tracking Information.

5. In the Tracking URL Suffix you would load something like "[email protected]@[email protected]@&utm_medium=shopping%2Bengine&utm_campaign=MYFEEDNAME" (without the quotes)

6. In our example, change the MYFEEDNAME to an abbreviation you will recognize for the feed. Leave the @@[email protected]@ as is.

7. Click on Save Changes.

8. Your feed will now include the tracking on it's next push. If you want it to start sooner you can click on the Resend Feed Now at the bottom of the edit page.

Basically our system will replace the @@[email protected]@ with the id of your product so in Google you will be able to see the campaign by name you've defined and even break down traffic and sales by the item id that the user clicked on.