Google Shopping Feed Specifications

Data feed to Google Shopping must follow specific guidelines.?? If these requirements are not met, Google can suspend your account until the error is corrected.?? You can find all the information about the current Google Shopping specifications and policies in the links provided below.


  • Restricted Products
    All products that cannot be listed on Google Shopping: Restricted Products
  • Google Shopping Policies
    Guidelines for submitting products, in categories for your convenience: Google Shopping Policies
  • Product Feed Specification ??? Descriptions of Fields
    All attributes that required and recommended.?? See: Feed Specs
  • Summary of Attribute requirements
    A summary of attribute requirements in table format: Attributes
  • Categorizing Your Products
    Your chances that your products will show in search results will increase if you send highly structures information about your items.?? For more information: Categories
  • Unique Product Identifiers
    These are product codes or other values associated with an individual product.?? They include GTIN (UPC, ISBN), and MPN.?? They are important for matching user???s queries to your products.?? More information: Unique Product Identifiers
  • Tax and Delivery
    You must choose an option, even you if are not charging tax.?? There is an option for this.?? You also must choose one of three options for delivery.
    More information: Tax and Shipping
  • Clothing
    Google requires merchants to set variant attributes for clothing and accessories because this is often how shoppers search for these items.?? Variants are things like color, size, material, etc.?? For information, see: Clothing