Creating a Simple Product Listing Ad Campaign for Google Shopping 9/25/12

Google Shopping is here. Merchants at a minimum need to create a new Google AdWords component to ensure Google continues to list their products. I've outlined the steps for creating a simple product listing campaign.

Please note these instructions assume your Google Merchant Center account is active and receives up-to-date product feeds (Feed Wizards clients already have this configured properly).

Steps to make a simple AdWords campaign that allows merchants to list in Google Shopping:

  1. Confirm you have an AdWords account. If you don't, you may make one here:
  2. Confirm you have a working credit card associated with the Google AdWords account. Login to your Google AdWords account and click "Billing" then "Billing Preferences". Google wants a current credit card on file. If you do not have one in the account, enter one. You can view more info by clicking "Billing" then "Billing Summary". If there are any billing issues noted by Google, resolve them.
  3. Configure a new campaign. Inside AdWords, click the "Campaigns" tab at the top, then in the middle of the screen click the "New Campaign" button and select "Search Network only".

    • Campaign name: Enter whatever you feel is appropriate (e.g., "Google Shopping" or similar).

    • Type: Select the "Product listing ads" radio button on the right side.

    • Locations: Select the countries that you wish to advertise in.

    • Budget: Enter the daily budget that you're willing to spend on your new Google Shopping campaign.

    • Default bid: Enter the amount you're willing to pay for clicks. There are no set rules here. Consider bidding between $0.10 and $0.50 per click if you're creating a simple "one size fits all" campaign.

    • Ad Extensions: This should have a checkbox selected titled "Extend my ads with relevant product details from Google Merchant Center". The account selected directly below this should correlate to your Google Merchant Center account.

    • Click "Save and continue"

  4. Create a new AdGroup. You should now be on a step titled "Create ad group" with a text box titled "Ad group name" as the first question.

    • Ad group name: Enter whatever you feel is appropriate (e.g., "Google Shopping AdGroup" or similar).

    • Promotion: This text will be displayed alongside your products in Google Shopping. It is optional, although if your company distinguishes itself in a unique fashion, you should enter something. Examples:

  1. "Free Shipping On Orders $100 Or More"
  2. "Same Day Shipping"
  3. "Huge Selection of XYZ" (change XYZ to represent your particular market
  4. "Summer Sale Now!" (note if you enter a seasonal promotion, you will need to modify your promotion from time to time
    • Auto targets / Product targets: The "All products" checkbox should be selected.

    • Default bid: This should be set to your previous default bid from the campaign (leave as is).

    • Click "Save ad group"

That's it, you've successfully created the required AdWords components to list in Google Shopping.

We recommend you monitor your new campaign. Yahoo Web Analytics or Google Analytics provide means to track and measure your click results. After 24-48 hours, log back in to AdWords and verify that the campaign is indeed getting impressions and clicks.