Google Product Search Side Bar Listings 12/3/2010

How Do I Get My Store Name To Appear In The Side Bar Results On Google Product Search?

This is the "any-stores" feature. This feature is google proprietary so nobody knows exactly what triggers the list -- which seems to be dynamic based on relevancy, quality of the data within the feed, and many other factors known only to google.

Google has not given any details regarding any of their side-bar features such as any-brand or any-store -- including how or what should or should not be listed. It seems logical, however, that having good data in your Yahoo store data feed including BRAND and UPC information will be most helpful in these side bar features.

According to some Google bloggers, there is no guarantee of showing up in the left column list of names. It looks like the top 20 rated stores show up depending on the product and number of stores competing in sales.

It appears Google uses MPN, BRAND, UPC and other attributes that use manufacturer-assigned values to generate the links in the compare-prices list. Accurate data in these fields is a must. Additional factors may include the overall accuracy, quality, and correctness of all attributes and values submitted in a feed. However, only Google knows with any certainty and has yet to divulge information about what may be required for inclusion into compare-prices or its seller's list.