How Do I Become a Google Trusted Store? 6/25/2012

Google Shopping has created a feature called the Google Trusted Store program which is intended to notify shoppers that they are buying from a reputable merchant that is monitored by Google and adheres to Google's policies and procedures.

Google claims that the Trusted Store program has proven to increase sales for those merchants who participate. According to Google, the conversion rate increased from 1.4% to 3.1% over the last few months as they have been testing the program.

Merchants who meet certain shipping and customer service performance metrics are eligible to join the program.

What type of information does Google monitor to deem me trustworthy?
Below are the shipping and customer service metrics that merchants need to follow:

- High percentage of orders with on-time shipping.
- Participating merchants must ship the order within the timeframe specified at purchase.
- Low average days for product to ship.
- Participating merchants must ship quickly.
- Good customer service.
- High percentage of issues resolved quickly.
- Participating merchants must maintain a low number of customers who experience order issues and need assistance.

Google requires the following information in order to consider a merchant for the program:

- Sign up with Google and provide required business information,
- Sign program and shipping agreements,
- Set up shipping and cancellation data feeds (so Google can track and grade the business),
- And then add JavaScript code to their eCommerce site.

How are stores monitored?

Feed Wizards will assist you with providing feeds and JavaScript installs, which will help prevent delays if changes need to be made. We are prepared with the most current information and are working closely with Google in order to make this transition as effortless as possible for Yahoo! store owners. The monitoring period will begin once the Javascript integration is verified, and this time period can be prolonged if changes are required to the Javascript or feeds. Google will monitor the store for 28 days and 1,000 purchases. During this period of time, shoppers (upon the completion of a purchase) are given the option to take a survey about their transaction experience from your site. Google will notify stores when the data is verified and your site is ready to go live. If your store does not qualify, Google will notify you with any additional information you need.

If shipping and customer service metrics meet Google???s standards, the online store will get certification. Of course, Google will continue to monitor stores to ensure they meet the standards set forth by Google Shopping.

Merchants who enroll in the Program and are eligible can display the Google Trusted Store badge on the pages of their websites. The badge indicates that you are a trusted merchant and have adhered to Google???s guidelines.

Shoppers who complete an order with a Google Trusted Store will see an ???order protection??? option on the confirmation page. They are assured that Google will assist with any problems that are not being resolved.

Google monitors merchants and defines minimum performance standards for the Google Trusted Store Program. If the merchant does not comply with these standards, they are removed from the program. Google reserves the right to revoke the membership anytime at their discretion. There will be amendments to the rules and merchants will be required to monitor the most recent information in order to adhere to the guidelines.

The Google Trusted Store Program is available in the US only, and only in English. Items must be priced in US dollars only.

Feed Wizards are always here to help you with any questions and/or establishing this service. Please contact the Feed Wizards at for more information and any current updates as they arise.