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Holiday Tips

Have Promotions: Shoppers love promotions. They can be anything, like Buy 1 Get 1 Free, Free Shipping Over $xxx, Buy 1 Get Half Off Another (a favorite and works well).

Email Marketing: ???Email newsletters are like printing money,??? my marketing expert friend Jim Piampiano often says. This is true particularly around the holidays. Make sure you create an attractive newsletter and include incentives for the holidays.

Offer Gift Wrapping and Other Things: Offering free gift wrapping and other types of holiday services can convert visitors into a customers. This may differentiate you from your competitors.

Planning Sales: Sales, sales, sales! Holiday shoppers expect sales and look for them. See what you can offer to beat your competitors and incentivize shoppers. Promote your sales in a newsletter and social media platforms.

Contests: Depending on the type of store you own, think about whether or not a contest might be fun. Contest is a great way to get people talking. Free giveaways are always good. Sometimes, the giveaway does not have to do with any of the products you are selling. Promote your contest on Facebook, Twitter, newsletters and anywhere you have any presence.