Cart Incentive

???Freebies??? are always appreciated during the holiday season! Yahoo! store owners know that one very effective way they can ???close??? a sale is by offering promotions ??? particularly during the holidays! The Your Store Wizards Cart Incentive feature allows you to display promotional offers to your customers while they are shopping and as they are checking out. One example might be: ???Free Shipping on orders over $200.00!??? A reminder will inform your customer how much more they need to spend in order to receive the free shipping promotion. In addition, a message will appear if they have already earned the promotion! This message might say: ???Congratulations! You have earned FREE SHIPPING on your order!??? This feature incentivizes your customers by providing feedback about their purchase (increasing conversion rates), improves your store???s competitive edge, increases your order volume and is easy to use. In order to implement this feature, you must be using the Multi-Page Checkout with Checkout Manager. You can read more about this feature at: