Floating Shopping Cart

Yahoo! merchants are very aware that websites that have the ???Cool Factor??? often beat out their competitors when shoppers are comparison shopping. Consumers have become very savvy when it comes to online shopping, and they are looking for an enjoyable and unique experience. If your Yahoo! store has this quality, you will experience more traffic, recommendations, and a higher conversion rate.
One very ???cool??? feature Your Store Wizards have created is the Floating Shopping Cart. As your customer places items in their cart, the cart with its contents will display on every page as they shop. Every item in the cart will link back to the item page. Your customer can checkout right from the floating shopping cart!
If you have free shipping incentives based on how much they purchase, the floating shopping cart will calculate the amount and let them know when they have achieved free shipping! The shopper can also remove items right from the floating cart. The display is completely customizable to fit the format of any website.
You can have a ???fixed??? floating cart that appears in a fixed position on every page, or a non-anchored cart that scrolls down the page with the shopper!
How cool is that? Go to: http://www.yourstorewizards.com/floating-shopping-cart.html to get yours today!