The Promo Manager

One great way for your Yahoo! store to be competitive is to offer promotions and have sales. Your Store Wizards have created an excellent system for Yahoo! store owners to manage their promotions and sales, and will also help you to take full advantage of Yahoo! Coupon Manager. The Promo Manager will enable you to create promotions based on your rules, conditions and rewards. You will be able to promote your products any way you like!
You can create promotions based on many variables like: cart contents, total value, date, time of day, shipping address, and discount codes. You can specify the nature of the rewards like Free or Discounted individual items, Free or Discounted items by category, Free Shipping, or a Discount Off Total Order Amount. You can also block items.
Management of your promotions is done in a secured administration system. You log in to your promotions in the administrative system by using a username and password, where you are able to edit, delete and toggle between active and inactive items for any promotion. You can even specify a combination of multiple promotional conditions.
The installation takes about 5-7 business days. You will receive a discounted monthly subscription rate. Keep the discounted rate for life if you sign up today!