Google Shopping, How and When Will Google Change? - 6/11/2012

Your Store Wizards is geared up for the transition of Google???s ???Product Search??? to ???Google Shopping???, which should be completed by October, 2012. We are expecting very minor feed changes, and we are already prepared for them. Your Store Wizards will keep you updated with the most current information regarding the changes.

Why is Google Changing?

Google states that having a commercial relationship with merchants will motivate them to provide up-to-date product information. This will result in a better shopping experience for consumers and higher quality traffic for merchants.

For details, please see:

Google is encouraging merchants to start the transition now and is offering incentives. The limited time offer includes:

- 10% monthly credit off your total Product Listing Ad spend through 2012.

- $100 credit toward Product Listing Ads for existing merchants who fill out the form before August 15, 2012.

Your current product listings will continue to appear on Google Shopping for several months, but remember, one way products will be ranked is by bid , so merchants are encouraged to create Product Listing Ads now.

How to List Your Products on Google Shopping

To list your products on Google Shopping, you will need to create Product Listing Ads based on your existing product feed from the Google Merchant Center. You will manage your ads with an AdWords account. If you don???t already have an AdWords account, you can enroll at: To learn more about Product Listing Ads, go to:

Feed Specification and Policy Changes

Feed Specifications and policies have changed for Google Shopping. To list your products on Google Shopping, your feed will need to meet their feed specifications, see:

You can review the Google Shopping policies at:

Google???s New policies will be enforced starting July 1, 2012. The new feed specifications will roll out gradually over the summer months. At Your Store Wizards, we keep your feeds updated according to Google???s latest feed specifications.

For more information, don???t hesitate to contact the Feed Wizards at