Market Your Yahoo! Store 6/15/2012

Marketing your Yahoo! store should always be a priority. Studies have shown that in tough economic times, it becomes even more important to boost your marketing efforts.

Those who increase their marketing strategies during challenging economic times find that they will have a ???leg-up??? on their competition. It is important to note that there are a few key points you will want to remember:

??? Know your consumer. Shoppers are considering value in response to recession conditions. Consumers are willing to postpone purchases, trade down and buy less. Trusted brands are especially valued, interest in new brands and categories fade.

??? Family Values are the focus during these times. In hard times, shoppers tend to think about their families more often - family scenes in advertising gain purchase with consumers.

??? Maintain marketing spending! It is well documented in a multitude of sources that brands that increase advertising during a recession when competitors are cutting back can improve market share and return on investment than during good economic times.

??? Forget the gimmicks! Consumers are looking for reliable, durable and safe products. New products, especially those that address the new consumer reality and thereby put pressure on competitors, should still be introduced, but advertising should stress superior price performance.

??? Offer discounts and price cuts. In tough financial times, price cuts attract more consumer support than do promotions like sweepstakes and mail-in offers.

??? Stress core values. Good faith and trust should be promoted. Your marketing strategies should correspond to economic realities.

The current economic conditions can actually propel your Yahoo! store into very competitive conditions if you adhere to these principles. Consumers will continue to shop online and look for the best deals. If you can find ways to attract their attention, you will have an increase in conversion rate as well and a high potential for repeat business, even when the market improves.

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