BING Shopping opens Self Service Portal 11/22/2010

Bing Shopping recently released a new Self Service Merchant Portal linked to Microsoft???s adCenter. The new portal will make Bing Shopping onboarding easier for merchants.

Create an adCenter account at to start your own Bing Shopping account.

The Portal:
1. Click on the Tools tab from your adCenter login. You'll see a new Management Tool item titled ???Bing Shopping Account Management.???

2. From the Bing Shopping Account Management section you can set up a new account or transfer your existing Bing Shopping Merchant Center account to adCenter.

3. Once you enter basic store information, maneuver within the skeleton of your account and adjust your Store Settings, Catalog Management, and FTP Settings.

4. Feed Wizards customers should select UPLOAD. When you choose the UPLOAD option, you will be asked to create FTP credentials to submit your data feed. Make special note of your FTP credentials.

BING paused the traditional onboarding to the old Bing Shopping Merchant Center. All BING SHOPPING merchants (new and old) are encouraged (required) to migrate to the new adCenter interface.

If you already have a Bing Shopping Merchant Center account you must create an adCenter account to connect your BING SHOPPING account to the new adCenter system.

Keep in mind typical wait times for the BING SHOPPING system to be connected to the AdCenter system are two weeks.

Bing plans to put all merchants using the free shopping engine in front of Microsoft???s paid search programs. The Bing dashboard/portal gives merchants new capabilities such as seamless onboarding and data feed optimization reports.