Google Feed Specifications Update - 09/07/2011

Google Product Search Feed Specification Changes

Google's new product feed specifications and policies go into effect on September 22, 2011. Google is aggressively enforcing their new rules and says they may suspend accounts for products not being in compliance.

FEED WIZARDS customers:
The Wizards at Your Store Wizards have got your back! Your data feed is already updated to meet Google's new formatting specifications. If you encounter any issues or error messages in your Google account, be sure to let us know. We are happy to troubleshoot and help resolve any problems.

Google has unveiled a new "Test Data Feed" tool in the Merchant Center. This tool is for DO-IT-YOURSELFERS who do not use a 3rd party (such as Feed Wizards) to supply their product feed. The tool allows you to review the formatting of your manually-created data feed and check it for compliance with Google's new requirements. If you have a data feed with FeedWizards, your feed is already formatted to Google's new specifications.

One of Google's new specifications is the addition of a "product_category" column to the data file. As a Feed Wizards customer, we can set a default value here and also help you individually categorize your products when uploading them to Google.

Your Store Wizards has a service to bring your Yahoo store data into compliance with Google's new "variants" requirements. See

To view Google's recent blog post regarding the above, visit the following link...