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Notice: Change to Yahoo! Shopping and PriceGrabber Ratings Syndication 6/3/2010

Attention Yahoo! Merchants participating in PriceGrabber and Yahoo! Shopping:

If you are currently participating in Yahoo! Shopping via PriceGrabber, you may be aware that the transactional ratings contained in your store account are no longer being displayed in Yahoo! Shopping. With the migration of the Yahoo! Shopping systems to PriceGrabber on March 11, 2010, Yahoo! Shopping no longer reads the store transactional ratings feed. This impacts participating merchants only. Store transactional ratings are not syndicated for non-participating merchants or for cancelled accounts.

On June 3, the Yahoo! Store team will add a new field to the ratings page in Store Manager to enable syndication of your store transactional ratings to Yahoo! Shopping. This field will allow participating merchants to enter and submit their PriceGrabber Retailer ID in order to syndicate their store transactional ratings to Yahoo! Shopping via their PriceGrabber account. Merchants with listings on both Yahoo! Shopping and PriceGrabber should note that Yahoo! Shopping will display ratings received via Yahoo! Shopping and PriceGrabber, while PriceGrabber will continue to display PriceGrabber ratings only.

Merchants may locate their PriceGrabber Retailer ID in one of the following ways:

* In their PriceGrabber merchant survey code
* In their PriceGrabber CTS code (sales tracker code)
* By asking their PriceGrabber account representative

Yahoo posted a help page outlining how to locate the PriceGrabber Retailer ID and how to contact PriceGrabber. Please see:

If you have any questions about this change within your Yahoo! store account, you are encouraged to contact Yahoo support at For assistance with locating your PriceGrabber Retailer ID, please contact PriceGrabber support at