Shareasale Increases Data Upload Allowance

Shareasale increased the number of data file uploads they allow from 8 per month to 31 per month for all Merchants with standard size datafeeds. This is good news for store owners who frequently update their products.

Shareasale also added a ???Feature Utilization??? chart to their Datafeed Search. Their tool gives you a quick look at how well the Datafeed is organized and how many of their ???optional??? features you are using. They look for "Custom Fields", "Merchant Category and SubCategory", "unique images and thumbnails", "search terms", "part number", "UPC", "ISBN", and "MerchantGroup and MerchantSubGroup".

You may not need to use all of these features. The Feed Wizards can add any of these fields to your Shareasale feed and help you set up custom properties in your Yahoo store to populate this data.