How do I create a Google Merchant Center Account?

  1. Go to to start the account.
  2. If you have multiple stores, you might wish to request a Multi Client Account from Google. This way you can manage all your stores from a single Google account. See:
  3. Go to the Settings > General tab and enter your Website URL.
  4. You'll need to verify and claim the Website URL. Visit our page at for instructions or assistance.
  5. From the DATA FEEDS tab, click the "New Data Feed" button and use the following settings:
    • Target country: USA
    • Data feed type: googlebase
    • Data feed filename: Make up a file name ending in ".zip". e.g. ""
  6. From the FTP SETTINGS tab, create your FTP username and FTP password. It may take 15 minutes before Google's system updates this info.
  7. Do not set a schedule for the data feed.