How long before my products appear on Google Product Search?

The Feed Wizards data feed service allows you to submit your products nightly. Google Base processes data feeds within 24 to 48 hours. Here is the sequence:

  • Feed Submitted - Feed Wizards sends your data file to Google via FTP file transfer.
  • Retrieval - Google acknowledges the file and the "Data Feeds" tab shows "processing" and the time of upload.
  • Processing Complete - Google displays number of items inserted or an error message.
  • Items Inactive - Items are shown in the "Inactive Items" tab and are marked "Published... searchable soon".
  • Items Active - Google posts items in the "Active Items" tab as published and searchable.
  • Statistics and Quality - Shown in the "data Quality" and "Performance" tabs. (info always delayed 1-2 days).
  • Image Thumbnails - Images display as "image not available" until Google's server downloads them. (usually fairly quickly). See: