Set up Pricegrabber Data Feed 2/15/2013

Create your Pricegrabber Merchant Account

1. Register or Log into your Pricegrabber Merchant Account.
2. Go to Your Account > Feed Format and make the following selections:

  1. Do you have a product feed ??? Yes
  2. Is the feed visible from a website / URL ??? No
  3. Is your complete feed larger than 8Mb - Yes/Maybe
  4. Enter the file name as "data.txt".

3. You will need to configure your TAX and SHIPPING settings in your Pricegrabber account.
4. Click Save Changes.

** At this point send an email to your Pricegrabber account representative letting them know you've established a feed from a 3rd party provider.  Pricegrabber will set their system to recognize the data file that gets delivered to their FTP server.

Register or Log In to the Feed Wizard Dashboard: www.

  1. Click on My Stores in the left navigation; choose the store you are adding the feed to.
  2. Click Add Service at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click Add Service to Pricegrabber Shopping, which will be listed.
  4. Enter FTP username: This is usually the same as your Pricegrabber username.
  5. Enter FTP password: This is usually the same as your Pricegrabber password.
  6. FTP Filename: Will always be data.txt.

** The Feed Wizards system will push a data file to Pricegrabber overnight whenever you publish your Yahoo! store.   After the first data transmission, log back in to your Pricegrabber account where you can MAP your file headers. ??Most of these mapping settings in the Pricegrabber system will be GREEN which is status OK.  If you encounter any yellow or cautions on the mapping, set those as "custom" in the Pricegrabber account.