2014 SEO Strategies January, 2014

Although it is difficult to predict what Google has in mind for future updates and algorithms, many SEO experts that Google will continue to fight spam, push quality content and return high quality search results.

What you can do:

Do not stuff keywords into your content.?? Of course use keywords, but they should be within relevant, high quality content.?? The Hummingbird update helps remove irrelevant phrases.?? If you stuff keywords into your content, you may notice a change (for the worse).

Authentic, Credible Content

Promoting quality content on a regular basis will help with your SEO ranking and bring in new customers organically.?? Producing quality content engages your target audience.?? There are lower bounce rates and abandoned carts.?? You will also see an increase in returning customers.?? ??

Social Media Takes a Leading Role

Simply being on Facebook or Twitter is not enough to see results in your SEO. Most successful merchants are active on several networks.?? Leverage social networks and you will see an impact on SEO and conversions.?? Utilize social networks and build customer relations, be responsive and genuine.

It is rumored that those using Google + ultimately rank higher.?? Google reports that search ads using Google+ average 5 to 10 percent more clicks.

Using social media will be essential for business, and it will work if you have a strategy and take advantage of what each social network offers.?? ??

Think Mobile

As the mobile market continues to grow in 2014, so will the importance of a mobile SEO strategy. Mobile use is already huge:

  1. Mobile phones have found their way into 91 percent of American homes.
  2. 56 percent of these phones are smartphones
  3. 63 percent of these mobile phones are used to access the internet.??
  4. Amazon, Wikipedia, and Facebook account for 20 percent mobile traffic
  5. 77 percent of mobile searches take place at home or at work.

If you want your share of this market, you must optimize for mobile devices.

You may feel like there is too much involved with SEO.?? But, you own a business.?? You are the expert in your business and probably want to offer your customers the best all-around products and information.?? You want to succeed, and you want your customers to be happy and continue coming back.

With that in mind, write quality copy, display quality photos, engage in social media to build relations and attract customers, and present your brand with expertise and relevancy.?? If you are diligent in these efforts, SEO will result.