6/27/2012 uses social, mobile and tablet commerce innovation to expand its search and discovery technology. TheFind is a free search engine where millions of shoppers go to find the best products from more than 500,000 stores that offer more than 50 million products. TheFind has one of the largest web-scale crawlers on the internet.

Two ways products are added to TheFind is by merchant feeds and crawling. A few hundred million feed products are taken in every day. TheFind uses many techniques to personalize the content in an effort to not overwhelm shoppers. The engine is automatically able to find out what is or is not a product, what are its properties (like category, brand, gender, etc.), and will also find similar products

Rather than pay-for-placement ranking, the results are ranked based on popularity. By clicking on a product from a search results page, shoppers go directly to the merchant's site where the product can be purchased directly.

As mentioned above, the social, mobile and tablet functionalities include:

  1. ???TheFind Mobile??? - helps merchants while shoppers are both online and offline. Nearly 20% of the searches are now coming from mobile devices. TheFind Mobile provides shoppers who have smart phones with an in-store device that combines barcode scanning and text search to find local and online prices as well as availability for nearly any product.
  2. ???Glimpse??? by TheFind - uses Facebook as a way for shoppers to search for products that are personal and have been ???Liked??? by their friends. Roughly 75% of consumers do not log-in on the site, but the site???s default uses the broader Facebook community to determine the order of the results. When a consumer mouses over an item, it displays how many shoppers ???Like??? the retailer. Because there are numerous retailers on Facebook, TheFind treats it as a store rating system.
  3. ???Catalogue??? by TheFind - is a shopping application for the iPad, Kindle Fire, Android tablets and large screen smart phones. Shoppers can browse nearly 200 popular catalog titles.

Shoppers are exposed to a multitude of merchants and products and can have trouble deciphering the quality retailers. TheFind has developed a certification program called ???Upfront??? to help lend credibility to lesser-known retailers. Upfront places a badge that says ???Upfront Merchant??? next to the merchant???s name in the results that allows consumers to be assured that the merchant has agreed to 5 important principles:

  • Explain its returns policy clearly on its web site.
  • Make every effort to ship orders on time.
  • Handle online payments securely.
  • Inform shoppers how to reach customer service and work to resolve any issues.
  • Keep customer information private and confidential.

One potential problem with TheFind is duplicate content. This is where TheFind is credited as the author of your unique product copy. To help avoid duplicate content issues, one may submit a data feed to TheFind with a templated or generic product description. The Feed Wizards data feed system can easily handle a generic product description for a variety of data feeds at no extra cost to you!

  • The advantage of using a generic description for certain comparison shopping engines is you generate plenty of legitimate and helpful inbound links without exposing your unique content for duplication.

Please contact Feed Wizards if you have questions about duplicate content or using a generic product description.

Feed Wizards highly recommends that Yahoo! store owners establish feeds to Please contact to help establish and manage your shopping feed. We are here to help.