How To Upload UPC and Manufacturer Part Number in Excel Spreadsheet 7/10/2012

When using an Excel spreadsheet to upload data to their Yahoo! store editors, many store owners are reporting problems
when entering numeric data in certain cells of the spreadsheet.??

Here are some tips to prevent problems when entering numbers into Excel when performing database upload to your Yahoo! store.

The problem is that Excel converts or reformats the long numbers to scientific notation and/or drops preceding zeroes from the numbers.??

This is especially important to know when populating UPC or Manufacturer Part Number properties. If the reformatted data (bad data) is uploaded to the Yahoo! store, it means bad data is in the UPC or Manufacturer Part Number properties and any data exported from the store will have problems.??Data exported to Google,, Bing Shopping, and all the various comparison shopping engines and search systems will have the bad data.

The solution is to keep all the digits (including the leading 0's which is important) when loading in Excel.??

You have a few options to avoid this:

1. Select the entire column in your spreadsheet and format as TEXT.
2. When hand entering, hit a single quote then start typing the number.
3. If importing by opening a file, in the import wizard tell it that it is?? ???text???.

Any of these steps will keep excel from reformatting with scientific notation and the UPC or Manufacturer Part Number will be correct.