Using Your Feed Wizards Dashboard updated Feb. 2014

A dashboard is an interactive user interface (an application, really) that organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read and manage.

Your Feed Wizards dashboard is where you manage your data feeds, account information and payment information.?? This dashboard is designed to make it easy for you to see and edit information pertaining to your data feeds.?? It also has numerous news and informational articles as well as detailed instructions for actions relating to data feeds.

When your account is created, make sure to keep your login information handy so you can access your information anytime.

The Feed Wizards Dashboard allows you to add / edit / stop data feed services.??

To start, click on Add Store in the left navigation. Here, you can add or edit your store information by just filling in the required fields.

Feed Wizards Dashboard

Once you have established your store in the dashboard, click on the link in 'My Stores' to view your services and a breakdown of the charges for the month. Even more, you can see when your feed (s) was last sent from this page!

Add / Edit and View Status

Next, in the Payment Info, you can add or edit your payment information. If you get a new card, don't forget to change the information in your Feed Wizard's Dashboard account! IMPORTANT - Click the "Save" button at the bottom of each page you edit. The new information will not be saved unless you do this.

Payment Information

When you click on the link ???My Stores" in the upper left of the screen, you will see your store(s). Clicking on the link/name of your store will show you all the services and/or data feeds set up on that store. There is a "Billing" button you can click on to get a breakdown of the charges for the month as well. You can also click the status of a feed to see when it was last sent.

Viewing Services

When you click on the link for your store(s), you can view the status of your feeds, which shows the date and time they were last sent. You can edit the settings of each particular feed, for example, the login password for Bing Shopping. If you want to resend a data feed, you can do that here. Remember, and this is important, you must click "Save" at the bottom of every page you edit.

View Status, Edit Settings, Add Service, Resend Feeds

Below is an example of a Bing Shopping feed status:

To add a feed, click on "Add Service" at the bottom of the page. Here, you can add feeds and view the status of feeds you already have.

Available Services