How do I import Yahoo! Web Analytics data into the Feed Wizards Dashboard? 6/27/2010

Importing Yahoo! Web Analytics data into the Feed Wizard Dashboard takes just a few steps after you've set up Yahoo! Web Analytics campaigns. If you haven't set up Yahoo! Web Analytics campaigns for your feeds, you must complete the steps in our FAQ at first.

Once you've got the campaigns being tracked and are seeing data come through, you must now follow the 2 procedures below (saving a report, having it sent to our system).

After Yahoo! Web Analytics has gathered some data (24 hours or less), set up a saved report in Yahoo! Web Analytics.

There is a specific naming convention needed so we can attach the data and engine in our backend. To find the report title needed log in to the Feed Wizard site:

1. Click on your store.

2. Click on settings next to the feed your going to be loading and copy the data from the "Yahoo! Web Analytics Report Title:" field.

3. Login to your store manager and click on "Analytics Reports".

4. Go To Reports - Marketing - Campaigns - Campaign Summary and click the + next to Paid Search.

5. Look for your campaign. If there is no data (no listing) then it may take a bit longer to get data or you can try using the calendar in the top left to check a different range. If you haven't seen any data in 48 hours you may want to check the setup or contact Your Store Wizards so we can help make sure it's all working properly.

6. Mouse over the magnifying glass on the left of the campaign name and click on "show search listings".

7. Click on bookmark report.

8. Now you must name the report. Paste or type in the report name from step 1. In the Folder field enter "Feed Wizards Analytics Reports" (without the quotes).

9. Click Create Bookmark (read and edit rights you can change if you want, all the rest should remain as defaults).

10. This report is now saved and if you ever want to see it you can look under the Bookmarks section in Reports

** Schedule the saved report to be emailed directly into our system:

1. Login to your store manager and click on "Analytics Reports".

2. Go to SETTINGS in the top nav.

3. Click on "Customize and schedule reports for email delivery".

4. Click on ADD to add a new report.

5. Enter a name and description, for timing set the report to send "every day" after 9 AM (other times can be chosen but we've had sporadic issues if it's sent too early from Yahoo - not sure why yet). Reporting period should be "last full day".

6. Change the type to Comma-Separated values (CSV).

7. In the email put [email protected] and click the ADD button.

8. From the report type drop down select your custom report (should be near the very bottom under Scheduled Report Items), for number of rows pick 200000 and add the report.

9. If you have more than one report to set up (for more than one campaign), you can add each report in the one email entry.

10. Click update when back on the scheduled report setting screen.

Yahoo! will now automatically start emailing the reports to us starting the next day and soon after the data will start appearing in your Feed Wizards account.