How do I track activity/feeds using Yahoo! Web Analytics campaigns? 6/27/2010

Tracking data from each feed involves a 2-3 step setup process. Simply follow the directions outlined below for each of your services.

The three main steps are:
1. Add a campaign in Yahoo! Web Analytics.

2. Add a tracking url suffix on your feed.

3. Send a new feed to the service (or you can wait and our system will auto send on it's next cycle).

Here are the step by step directions. They're much simpler than they look.

Add a campaign to Yahoo! Web Analytics:

1. Go to your store manager and click on "Analytics Reports".

2. Click on SETTINGS in the top navigation.

3. Click on Manage Campaigns (under Campaigns & PPC Tracking).

4. Use the drop down box in the middle of the page to pick a campaign type (usually Paid Search) and Click Add New Campaign.

5. Enter a campaign name and pick a cost type based on how you pay for the program. If you need to enter a click cost, enter the normal click cost. If you pay multiple ranges you may want to enter the highest cost (this can also be overridden by adding individual bids on items in the feed).

6. For keyword identifier enter "kw" (without the quotes), and in the Campaign settings (bottom) change the drop down to "URL Parameter equals" and enter "cmp=XXXXX" (without the quotes) where XXXXX is an abbreviation you will use in the feed tracking URL.

7. Save the campaign. The other fields may be filled in if you desire but aren't needed for the importing.

Add a tracking URL for the campaign to the feed:

1. Log in to the Feed Wizard site (

2. Click on My Stores and click on the store name, then click Edit Settings on the feed you are going to track.

3. Click the Edit button to the right of the Service Tracking Information box.

4. In the Tracking URL Suffix field enter "[email protected]@[email protected]@&cmp=XXXXX" (without the quotes and changing the XXXXX to match the abbreviation used in step A6 above.

5. Click Save.

The key setup is now complete. If you want to get data a bit sooner, follow the instructions below:

Push a new feed:

1. Go back to the store page in the Feed Wizard Site and click on the View Status button next to the service/feed.

2. Click the link in the bottom left that says "Resend Feed now". If there is no link then either it's not a service we can push and it must be pulled, or it's already scheduled to go soon.

3. Assuming all steps are completed, now you must wait at least a couple of hours (or usually around 24) for the service to get and process the feed and then for clicks to start coming through and tracking.