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Google's New Enhanced Campaigns 2/2013

Google is launching their new Enhanced Campaigns which is an upgrade to AdWords and enables advertisers to manage ad campaigns for all types of devices.

People are beginning to use "multi-devices" to shop, find restaurants, watch movies, listen to music, and communicate. They may use one type of device to watch a movie and another for business, or their phone to find a restaurant and talk to friends and family. Coming up with an effective marketing strategy has become quite complicated and time consuming in this multi-device (multi-purpose) world.

New Bing Product Search 8/26/2013

Over the next few months, Bing will be rolling out a new and improved product search experience. Merchants will be able to display more information about their products in the search results, enabling shoppers to quickly and easily find just what they are searching for.


Google posted an announcement that they are upgrading their FTP system and updating the IP addresses for their upload server

For merchants using the Feed Wizards data feed service, we have made the required updates to our system and your data feeds will continue without interruption.

If you have questions or need more information, please feel free to contact us. Google also posts information on their help center at:

Google's Unique Product Identifier Policy 7/2013

Google announced on May 8th, 2013 that they are changing the way they enforce their unique identifier requirements.

BING SHOPPING Results Show "Rounded-Down" Prices 2/2013

During our research into popular comparison shopping engines, we came across an interesting anomaly in how Bing Shopping displays product prices. We viewed a few listings and found in some cases and views, Bing rounds DOWN and drops the cents from listing prices. This can be quite misleading.

To see an example of this, go to:

Google replacing 'Adwords_publish' with 'Excluded_destination' - 01/31/2013

Google announced they will be discontinuing use of the 'adwords_publish' attribute.

Google plans to retire the 'adwords_publish' attribute and replace it with an attribute called 'excluded_destination' in Spring 2013. Google claims to be making this change to streamline their feed specification and to provide advertisers with a more effective way to control how their ads are served.

Google Product Search Is Changing - 5/31/2012

Google announced today that the current Product Search program, now a free shopping search engine, will be transitioning to a pay-for-listing model. Google is in the process of running experiments for a small percentage of searches, and is planning on becoming ???Google Shopping??? by the end of summer. Google???s new program is based on the ???Google Product Listing Ads??? (Google PLA) system.

Google is giving merchants a few months to transition to the new model, and they are offering incentives.

Google's Tax and Shipping Requirements 5/25/2012

Google has new requirements for Tax and Shipping. These requirements are STRICTLY ENFORCED.

The following information will assist you in choosing your preferences for the TAXING and SHIPPING of your Yahoo store products. You will need to select these settings in your Google Merchant Account.

Below are four easy steps to manage this:

How do I categorize my products for Google Products, Bing Shopping and other feeds?

In order to maximize any data feed, most feeds have some form of categorization that they recommend or even require. Google Products is no different in that they now require you add a Google Product Category to your feed. They technically only "require" it when your items fall into one of the categories listed below, but the Feed Wizards recommend loading this data for all your products to be safe, and maximize your feed.

Apparel & Accessories > Clothing
Apparel & Accessories > Shoes
Apparel & Accessories (Note that submitting this value for clothing and shoes is not acceptable.)

Google Feed Specifications Update - 09/07/2011

Google Product Search Feed Specification Changes

Google's new product feed specifications and policies go into effect on September 22, 2011. Google is aggressively enforcing their new rules and says they may suspend accounts for products not being in compliance.

FEED WIZARDS customers:
The Wizards at Your Store Wizards have got your back! Your data feed is already updated to meet Google's new formatting specifications. If you encounter any issues or error messages in your Google account, be sure to let us know. We are happy to troubleshoot and help resolve any problems.

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