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BING Shopping now requires TAX and SHIPPING info to process feeds

Microsoft and BING updated their dashboard recently and added some account configuration requirements. Before continuing to process your data feed, BING is requesting that folks configure the TAX and SHIPPING settings in their Microsoft AdCenter accounts. Please note Yahoo does not export either Tax or Shipping information so that data is rarely available for use directly in a product data feed.

To configure your Microsoft AdCenter account, follow these steps:
1. Log in to your Microsoft AdCenter account and select your store from the dropdown menu.

GOOGLE - What do I need to do to properly list my Apparel items in Google Products (or show variants on non-apparel items)? 8/2/2011

As you probably know by now, Google has made some fairly major changes in their requirements for listing Apparel items in Google Products. These changes currently are limited to Apparel items but may someday be expanded beyond Apparel. And many items that aren't apparel can potentially benefit from some of the possible changes below. This writeup is to help users understand what's required and how they can make the changes through our Feed Wizards service including handling variants (combinations of size, color, pattern, material).

Google Product Search feed specifications change 7/12/211

As many of you have seen already, Google announced changes to their feed specifications which will kick in on September 22nd. Of course you'll want to start preparing and changing things before then. Our goal with this notice is to let you know of the changes, but more importantly, let you know what you must do to keep your products running past September 22nd.

BING and the Facebook Like button bringing the "Friend Effect" to search 5/17/2011

Researchers know 90% of people ask for advice from friends and family when making decisions. People trust the advise of their inner circle and this results in a feeling of confidence.

Bing is bringing the combined wisdom of the web together with the opinions of the people who shoppers trust the most to bring the "Friend Effect" to their search. Bing now serves up personalized search results based on the the opinions of Facebook friends using new features which make it easier for Bing to see what Facebook friends "like" across the web. offers discounted cpc rates 5/5/2011

Unlike many pay-per-click engines, has implemented an updated rate card on which they display the MAXIMUM click rate a merchant will be charged. Using's free ROI tracking tool, can track when a click is productive and eventually assign a "publisher quality score". The result is a discounted click price for merchants based on how well items convert. Items with poor conversion stats are given lower click costs and items with better conversion approach the full published click cost.

Google Email Titled: "Important information about your Google Product Search images" 4/11/2011

Google has recently started sending out emails to customers about potentially not being able to access images. See the bottom of this post for the text of the message.

BING Self Service Portal details. 11/29/2010

In a recent communique, we got a few details about how BING will transition new and existing accounts to their new adCenter dashboard.

QUOTE: "Any currently activated merchants will be asked to migrate to the new adCenter platform in January. [BING will send] an email to all merchants in this situation with steps on how to migrate their accounts. Any NEW merchants must use the new adCenter portal now to sign up for Bing Shopping. Any merchants that were in-process but DID NOT COMPLETE activation also must now use the new adCenter portal to complete signup."

BING Shopping opens Self Service Portal 11/22/2010

Bing Shopping recently released a new Self Service Merchant Portal linked to Microsoft???s adCenter. The new portal will make Bing Shopping onboarding easier for merchants.

Create an adCenter account at to start your own Bing Shopping account.

The Portal:
1. Click on the Tools tab from your adCenter login. You'll see a new Management Tool item titled ???Bing Shopping Account Management.???

2. From the Bing Shopping Account Management section you can set up a new account or transfer your existing Bing Shopping Merchant Center account to adCenter.

Introducing the New Bing Shopping Program

As previously speculated, BING has unveiled its new BING SHOPPING program. Accoring to BING, there are a few steps existing BING CASHBACK merchants need to complete to make the conversion. To avoid customer confusion, Bing is asking merchants to remove references to the CASHBACK program from your ad copy and all pages of your website by end of day July 30. Remember to:

  • Remove the cashback logo (bing cashback) and other cashback graphics or references from all pages of your website.
  • Remove links to cashback terms and conditions.

Google Makes Changes to Product Listings

In late August 2010 Google will be making changes to how products in certain categories appear on Google Product Search. With their change comes the added importance of populating the following "unique product identifiers" on your products.

MPN (manufacturer-part-number), Brand (manufacturer), UPC, ISBN (for books).

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