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Unbound Commerce Offers Free Mobile Sites for Yahoo Stores

Unbound Commerce will offer free mobile sites for Yahoo stores for a limited time. For Legacy Stores, Unbound Commerce needs more data than what is exported from Yahoo so the Feed Wizards have developed a special data feed.

Contact if you have a legacy store and need to establish data feed service.

How do I avoid duplicate content on shopping engines & affiliates using my feeds? 6/29/2010

Duplicate content can be a big issue with shopping engines and affiliates. You don't want to spend time creating great content and then have Google or other engines think that another site is the originator. This could hurt you in their rankings, and bring users to the shopping engine first rather than your site. This will mean less traffic.

The solution is to provide alternative content to each of the engines. In order for us to feed alternative content to the different services, you have a couple of choices:

How do I import Yahoo! Web Analytics data into the Feed Wizards Dashboard? 6/27/2010

Importing Yahoo! Web Analytics data into the Feed Wizard Dashboard takes just a few steps after you've set up Yahoo! Web Analytics campaigns. If you haven't set up Yahoo! Web Analytics campaigns for your feeds, you must complete the steps in our FAQ at first.

Once you've got the campaigns being tracked and are seeing data come through, you must now follow the 2 procedures below (saving a report, having it sent to our system).

How do I track activity/feeds using Yahoo! Web Analytics campaigns? 6/27/2010

Tracking data from each feed involves a 2-3 step setup process. Simply follow the directions outlined below for each of your services.

The three main steps are:
1. Add a campaign in Yahoo! Web Analytics.

2. Add a tracking url suffix on your feed.

3. Send a new feed to the service (or you can wait and our system will auto send on it's next cycle).

Here are the step by step directions. They're much simpler than they look.

Add a campaign to Yahoo! Web Analytics:

1. Go to your store manager and click on "Analytics Reports".

2. Click on SETTINGS in the top navigation.

Shareasale Increases Data Upload Allowance

Shareasale increased the number of data file uploads they allow from 8 per month to 31 per month for all Merchants with standard size datafeeds. This is good news for store owners who frequently update their products. Launches New Feed Optimization Report will launch a new Feed Optimization Report for select merchants on June 28, 2010 and for all merchants on July 5, 2010.

The report will be personalized specifically for the merchant and will give detailed insight and feedback from to help improve your data quality, search relevance, and increase conversion to sale.

The report will be sent directly every Monday if your feed file has had changes within the previous week.

Bing Shopping Will Be Free - BIG NEWS! 6/15/2010

According to industry insiders, After July 30th, Bing Shopping (not necessarily the official name) becomes a free shopping comparison engine much like Google Product Search. Merchants who are currently using BING-Cashback will be asked to supply their full product inventory and no longer exclude products after July 30.

Copy of memo to BING-Cashback merchants

Here is a copy of the memo sent to all BING-Cashback merchants...

Microsoft Advertising

Dear Merchant,

We are writing to let you know that Microsoft has decided to
discontinue the Bing cashback program. After 9:00 P.M. PST on July 30,
2010, we will no longer offer this program on the Bing search results
or Bing Shopping pages. This will also be the last day consumers will
be able to buy through the Bing cashback program.

What this means for you

Notice: Change to Yahoo! Shopping and PriceGrabber Ratings Syndication 6/3/2010

Attention Yahoo! Merchants participating in PriceGrabber and Yahoo! Shopping:

If you are currently participating in Yahoo! Shopping via PriceGrabber, you may be aware that the transactional ratings contained in your store account are no longer being displayed in Yahoo! Shopping. With the migration of the Yahoo! Shopping systems to PriceGrabber on March 11, 2010, Yahoo! Shopping no longer reads the store transactional ratings feed. This impacts participating merchants only. Store transactional ratings are not syndicated for non-participating merchants or for cancelled accounts.

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