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General Feed Questions

How do I exclude (or include) products into my Yahoo! Store Data Feed? 9/7/2011

There are a number of ways to include or exclude products from your Data Feeds, each with distinct benefits or uses depending on how you like to work. Here are step by step what you can do for the different options:

There are two levels of inclusion/exclusion options.

1. Is the rules based system which sets the minimum requirement for products to be included in the feed? Any product that passes the rules will be included in the feed UNLESS they are blocked at an item level.

I have many items in my store. How do I download the data or image files if the export file is very large?

Larger stores with a lot of product data can sometimes run into problems when attempting to download data or image backup files particularly when the file is too large for their browser. We are trying out a large file downloader program which may be able to help.

See http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/ for an Internet Download Manager that we use.

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How do I avoid duplicate content on shopping engines & affiliates using my feeds? 6/29/2010

Duplicate content can be a big issue with shopping engines and affiliates. You don't want to spend time creating great content and then have Google or other engines think that another site is the originator. This could hurt you in their rankings, and bring users to the shopping engine first rather than your site. This will mean less traffic.

The solution is to provide alternative content to each of the engines. In order for us to feed alternative content to the different services, you have a couple of choices:

How Does Yahoo Assign A Category?

Yahoo uses the LAST section an item is added to as the category. This is true for both item pages and subsection pages. When you have an item that is in multiple sections, the LAST section you place the item into will be considered the PARENT section and that is what will show in the breadcrumbs trail.

To reassign a parent section, go to that section page and "reset" the item as follows:

1. Remove the item ID from the contents and update.

2. Reinsert the item ID back into the contents property and update again.

I only need one data feed, is a "light" Feed Wizards service available?

Yes. We have a LIGHT feed service which does not include image hosting and only includes a feed to ONE comparison shopping engine. This service is $19.95 per month.

How much does the Feed Wizards service cost?

The Feed Wizards service is $39.95 monthly for stores with 10,000 items or fewer. This includes daily page data backup, true image hosting, and feeds to 3 comparison shopping engines.

Most feeds to standard comparison shopping engines each count as 1 feed for pricing purposes.

Affiliate feeds (eg: Commission Junction, Shareasale) each count as 3 feeds.

There are a few Premium Feeds which each count as 3 feeds and have a special one-time set up cost. These include SHOP.com, AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL, and BUY.com and a handful of others. See: http://www.feedwizards.com/feeds.php

What is image hosting and why is it important?

Yahoo's sytem has variable image locations which means the URL for your product pictures expires after a short time. The Feed Wizards True Image Hosting service - included with our standard service - assigns a unique and fixed URL to your product images, icons and insets which will not expire.

People using comparison shopping engines are very image-driven and most engines need images. This is particularly important for Affiliate Network listings. Having hosted images means shoppers are far less likely to encounter the dreaded "image not available" error.

Can I change my product descriptions so my feeds have different info than my store?

Yes. You can load an alternate description in your Yahoo store using a custom property. Let us know if this is the case and we will pick up your alternate description and post it in your feeds so you can have different text content on your comparison shopping engine listings versus your published Yahoo store pages.

Can I exclude items from my feeds?

Yes. You can set up exclusion rules for any or all of your data feeds. You can filter out products based on any property. For example you can exclude all products priced below $10, or all products containing the word "gift certificate" in the title.

You can also filter out specific items or items which are in the contents of certain sections of your Yahoo store.

If you have a special filtering need, we can certainly help. Let us know how you want to edit your feeds and we'll make a rule specific to your account.

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