Frequently Asked Questions - Google Products/Shopping

Simple answer. There is a page at where you can see your options. The main support they like you to use is their help forum, but there are links to different forms which you can use to contact them for account specific information or issues.

1. Log into your account on the Feed Wizards Dashboard here:

2. Click on 'My Stores' in the left side navigation.

3. Click on the link under 'Store Name', and under 'Data Feeds' find the Google Base/Products feed.

4. Click on 'Edit Settings', and once the page loads you can add the FTP information in the 'Service FTP Information' section. We strongly recommend doing this, just so this info isn't lost or misplaced since it is extremely important.

1. In your Google Merchant Center start by clicking the link 'Data Feeds' in the left navigation.

2. If you do not have a data feed setup already, click the button 'New Data Feed'.

3. Name the data feed anything you like (I would recommend your store name) followed by '.zip' just after the store name. It is required that your feed have this suffix on it, otherwise Google will not recognize it.

4. Back in the left navigation click 'Settings' to expand your options, and click on the link 'FTP'.

5. Here you create your FTP user name and password. I would recommend making the user name your store name, and the password your store name with a number on the end of it.

6. When you are done, click 'Save Changes'.

7. Be sure to publish your site at your earliest convenience. Changes you publish prior to about 5pm pacific will be picked up overnight. Published changes made after that time will be picked up the following evening.

8. Please send us the FTP user & password, as well as the file name so we can be sure the information is matching on both ends.

1. Log in with your Google Base user/password into your Google Merchant Center here:

2. Under 'Settings' click on the 'General' link.

3. Click 'Validate URL', and choose the option for placing a meta tag on the home page of your store.

4. Copy the meta tag that is provided below when you select this option, and access your store editor.

5. In the template that your HOME PAGE is using, create a TEXT operator, and paste it WITHIN the HEAD operator.

6. Edit the TEXT statement and name it '@ysw-google-verify' (without the quotes).

7. On the variables page create a variable 'ysw-google-verify' (type: big-text - without the quotes), and paste the meta tag you copied from your Google Merchant account in this variable.

8. Publish your store at your earliest convenience, and once it is done publishing log back into your Google Merchant Center click 'Verify URL', and then click 'Claim URL' after it gives you the option to click this link, and your URL has been verified by Google.

To set your shipping and tax information to comply with Google's new
requirements, please follow the directions below: (there are several
choices available).

1. Sign into your Google merchant account
2. Under the left navigation area on the page, click on "Settings".
3. Click on "Tax and shipping"- there are several settings you can choose from.
4. Choose the settings that apply for both (you will see a couple of options).

The answer is YES. Google recently introduced a requirement that stores VERIFY and CLAIM their URL. This is to prevent confusion between accounts and to prevent non-store owners from taking control of your product listings.

If you do not verify and claim your store URL, Google will delist your products and/or reject your product data feeds. Needless to say this is bad.

The good part is verification and claiming is a relatively easy process. We have detailed do-it-yourself instructions as well as assistance available at

Happy Selling!

Yes. Google identifies your Google Merchant Center account with the email address used to log in and an "account number". If you ever log in to your Googlebase account using a different email, you might have two Googlebase accounts and not even know it. You can only verify and claim one URL per account so if you have already claimed your URL per Google's new requirement and suddenly the URL is unclaimed, you'll definitely want to check and make sure you're logging in to your account with the proper email address.

Let us know if you encounter this error and the Feed Wizards will set a custom rule which will "decapitalize" the words in your product titles in the Google Products feed. Google does not allow much "all caps" text in product descriptions or product titles.

If you have criteria for free shipping, let us know and we'll mark the SHIPPING value in your Google Product Feed accordingly.

Since Yahoo doesn't export shipping data and Google doesn't allow phrases like "free shipping" in a product name or description, it would seem promoting your free shipping offers is impossible. Not so says the Wizard.

The Feed Wizards can use your free shipping rule and post this shipping information in your feed so Google will recognize your free shipping offer.

Example: Items $75 and over have free shipping.
Feed Wizards Solution: We'll mark all products in your feed priced at $75 and above with free shipping.

Google has become very strict about enforcing their "no promotional text in product descriptions and titles" rule. Phrases like "best value", "free shipping", or "includes gift", in these fields will very likely result in Google delisting that item or even rejecting your entire data feed.

Fear not! The Feed Wizards system can automatically remove promotional text from your data feed without you needing to change the text in your store. We already look for some known offenders like "free shipping", but if you have certain phrases which are causing trouble with the Google reviewers, let us know and we'll scrub 'em out for you. (The phrases, not the reviewers)

Google Product Search is Google's shopping search engine. Google Merchant Center is the site where merchants upload their product listings. Google Base is the general site for uploading other types of listings such as real estate and job postings. Google Product Search was formerly included under "Google Base" which was formerly known as "Froogle".

The Feed Wizards data feed service allows you to submit your products nightly. Google Base processes data feeds within 24 to 48 hours. Here is the sequence:

  • Feed Submitted - Feed Wizards sends your data file to Google via FTP file transfer.
  • Retrieval - Google acknowledges the file and the "Data Feeds" tab shows "processing" and the time of upload.
  • Processing Complete - Google displays number of items inserted or an error message.
  • Items Inactive - Items are shown in the "Inactive Items" tab and are marked "Published... searchable soon".
  • Items Active - Google posts items in the "Active Items" tab as published and searchable.
  • Statistics and Quality - Shown in the "data Quality" and "Performance" tabs. (info always delayed 1-2 days).
  • Image Thumbnails - Images display as "image not available" until Google's server downloads them. (usually fairly quickly). See:

The Feed Wizards data feed service (standard level) includes redundant Image Hosting. This means your Googlebase product feed will have fixed image locations. Having fixed image urls greatly improves how Yahoo store images display on Google Product Search.

First try logging into your Google Merchant Center and clicking on the data feed name. Google will often post the reasons for rejecting a data file here. If there are no specific reasons listed, use the following link to contact Google to get some information about the feed.

Google is usually very good about sending a reply, but keep at them if you don't hear back within a couple days.

  1. Go to to start the account.
  2. If you have multiple stores, you might wish to request a Multi Client Account from Google. This way you can manage all your stores from a single Google account. See:
  3. Go to the Settings > General tab and enter your Website URL.
  4. You'll need to verify and claim the Website URL. Visit our page at for instructions or assistance.
  5. From the DATA FEEDS tab, click the "New Data Feed" button and use the following settings:
    • Target country: USA
    • Data feed type: googlebase
    • Data feed filename: Make up a file name ending in ".zip". e.g. ""
  6. From the FTP SETTINGS tab, create your FTP username and FTP password. It may take 15 minutes before Google's system updates this info.
  7. Do not set a schedule for the data feed.

The Feed Wizards system posts a new 30 day expiration date for every product each time we submit your data feed. If you don't publish your store very often, we will automatically push a new feed to Google within the 30 day time limit and "refresh" the expiration date so your listings do not expire.

The Feed Wizards system refreshes your data feed and submits it to GoogleBase overnight whenever you publish your Yahoo store during that day.